Habit 1 Videos

Be Proactive

Video for September13-17

Discussion Questions:

What does carry your own weather mean?

What are some things that you LET ruin your day?

How can you change your attitude?

What do you think it means 'you are choosing to be miserable'?

Share an example of how you can carry your own weather.

Video for September20-24

Discussion Questions:

What does influence mean?

Who has influenced you and how do you feel about that person?

Have you ever influenced anyone?

Do you think you had a positive or negative influence on him or her? Why?

Video for Sept 27- October 1

Discussion Questions:

What are some examples of reactive phrases?

What are some examples of proactive phrases?

Do you feel like you use more proactive or reactive phrases?

How can you change your language to be more proactive?