Habit 2 Videos

Begin with the End in Mind

Video for October

Discussion Questions:

What does "Begin with the End in Mind" mean?

Has there been a time when you had to think about the end before you could begin?

Describe the kind of person you would like others to see you as in future.

Video for October

Discussion Questions:

How easy or difficult is it for you to imagine your future self? Why?

What is one thing that excited you about your future life? Why?

What are some ways you could try to get even better at planning out what you want to do in the future?

How much should tomorrow motivate our impact on today?

Video for October

Discussion Questions:

What does it mean to have a "big picture"?


Share your big picture.


What is your goal for today?


What is your goal for this week?


What is your goal for this month?


What is your goal for this year?